Wine Tasting with Hyatt and the Quarterback

Hyatt Syrah and the Quarterback

Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants
DATE:   Saturday, December 21st, 2013 
Small Business Saturday  TIME:  12-5PM
LOCATION:  Peabody’s

  Such a good sport, Josh Bohlen of Grapevine comes up the hill in a joint venture with Peabody’s to make Syrah and Aussie wines fun and popular again.
The highlights include Hyatt Syrah (Washington) at $11.49 and the Quarterback Red (Australia) at $18.99 (was $28.99)—wait-a-minute, why is an Aussie wine named after an American football position?  Let’s have Josh answer that question…
Plus some Hill & Dale Pinotage @ $8.99 and King’s Ridge Pinot Gr
is $13.99.
We will reconvene our discussion of Quarterback on Saturday.  And there will NOT be a 6 liter open, but it is a cool picture.  –KB

Peabody’s hosts a free tasting every Saturday from 12-5PM

.  A 10% discount is offered on tasted wines by the bottle and a 15% standard discount on any full or 

mix-matched cases of wine using cash, check or debit minus 3% from the discount when you purchase with a credit card.  




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