Wicked Weed IPA bottle release, Bordeaux Tasting



Wednesday  4-6PM
@ Peabody’s!
WICKED WEED IPA BOTTLE RELEASE w/ Wicked Weed in the House to taste ya’ up! Yep we will be releasing the brand spankin’ new Pernicious IPA in 4 packs and Freak Double IPA in Fancy 500ml Bottles! $8.99 / 4pk of Pernicious and $5.49 / Btl of Freak!!! The tasting will be from 4-6pm and this is going to be one of the fastest moving stacks of beer you’ll see, so don’t dilly or dally!
WE ARE TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR SHIPPING, so give us a call or you can reach us at shipping@peabodyswineandbeer.com and we’ll take care of ya’!! DON’T MISS IT! We’ll see ya’ there


Bordeaux Show 2015  with Brian Mockler

                                                                                                   Thursday   August 20th 5:30-7 PM at Peabody’s
The second installment of the widely popular Peabody’s Bordeaux Show.  This time we feature this jolly guy with the mustache and the big kitchen knives.
Brian Mockler of Epiphany is not only a world class chef at home but a world class guy all on his own!  He’s been in the wine game for a couple of decades and we can safely say he has been there and tasted it all!  We plan on offering up some incredible deals on France’s more old-school wine region.

Here’s the List:

Vieux Manoir  $12.99
Chateau Peygueraud $23.49
Clos St Anne Pommerol $31.99
Baron La Rose Blanc and Rouge (in wood crates!)  $ is too good to share!

Chateau Graves de Rabion St Emilion $17.99

NOTE:  Peabody’s will extend a special discount for the evening of all of these fine wines.  15% off by the bottle and 20% by the case unless otherwise posted.  Please remember to consider using your debit cards, checks and cash to receive the full discount.  We all also honor these discounts for special orders placed by Sunday August 23rd!



Everything is Hunky Dory Here!
Date: Saturday,
August 22nd
Time: 12-5PM
Location: Peabody’s


MORE:  In New Zealand, everything is “hunk dory.”  Just like we answer so many questions in our daily interactions with “okay,” our Kiwi kin do the same with “hunky dory.”
This Saturday, little sis, Jenn Weaver of Advintage shows off this NZ brand in all of its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir glory.  Plus something of the Simple Life in the Chardonnay and Pinot flavors.  You can compare and contrast between the two dynamically different regions!  Enjoy!
SPECIAL FEATURE NOTE:  And as we feature these wonderful, wines enjoy a healthy 20% off full or mix-matched cases and, of course, 10% off bottles.

Please use your debit cards, checks and cash to get the full discount.  It is better for our establishment as well as other small businesses!

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