Tasting Schedule November 5th-November 9th


Deals and Steals
Lined Up for You! 
Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants
DATE:   Tuesday November 5th, 2013  
TIME:  5-7PM

MORE:  Chris unleashes the hounds…or more appropriately the wolves this Tuesday.  The deal-beer section is stacked up giraffe-deep with Newcastle Werewolf Red Ale at $20 a case (less than a dollar a beer) and Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA 12pk cans for $25 a case and these guys will be available to taste before you buy.  Also, some newer seasonal beauties are on deck to be popped: Smashed Pumpkin and the Smashed Blueberry from Shipyard await your perusal.  Don’t dilly-dally after work.  Put the books away for the evening.
We’ll see ya here.

Note:  Peabody’s hosts a beer tasting every Tuesday from 5-7PM.  10% off the top for all tasted beers!  Really a weekly no-brainer.  



Vivanco:  The Head Turning Rose!  
Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants
DATE:   Saturday, November 9th, 2013 
TIME:  12-5PM
LOCATION:  Peabody’s
MORE:  So, this rose from the Rioja region of Spain made by Vivanco is by far a favorite at the shop these days.  Not overly bright and acidic as a lot of the other roses were for the summer but slightly denser and creamier on the mid-palate.  I have made a lot of people happy with this wine over the warmer months but I think it will shine even brighter paired with upcoming holiday fare.  Come taste and see what else we have to pour this Saturday.  A full roster of the flavors will be uploaded soon.

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