So a bit more into our Thin the Shelves Sale for 2014:

Momma needs some new shoes…or I should say new carpeting. After 16 years of use, wear and spills (yes, it was me who broke a bottle of olive oil) it is time to retire the good old tan/mauve and whatever you call the other colors.

We’re going to make Peabody’s a little prettier to look at and the first thing is to start from the bottom. The new carpet process will start soon and since we are men and strive to work smarter and not necessarily harder we hope to moe some inventory out the door rather than back and forth in the store during the renovation. And you can help us by:

Taking advantage of the full Thin the Shelves So We Don’t Have to Work So Hard Sale…I know it’s a mouth full but to reiterate this is how it goes:

10% off all packaged beers in the store with some select offerings reaching down to 15% off (you’ll have to come in and discover those yourself)! & All wines are discounted 10% off by the bottle, 15% off 1/2 cases and 20% off mixed or full cases!  Credit card less 3% from the discount. So there you have it. You can help us and we can help you. Think about it: bulking up your wine cabinet, planning for an upcoming birthday party, maybe even stocking up for nuptials in the summer? This is the perfect time to pick up on great savings and not having to elbow your way to the shelves or the coolers. Now, if you’re reading this all the way down to the closure then you’re burning daylight and someone else is scooping up your favorite beers and wines and scoring your discounts. Don’t wait long.

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