Saturday Wine Tasting


Slovenia’s Pullus: A Whole New Frontier for Wine!


Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants
DATE: Saturday, August 17th, 2013
TIME: 12-5PM
LOCATION: Peabody’s

MORE: Our favorite Sour Grape, Sarah Wyle comes bearing treats from the lesser known wine regions of Europe: Austria and Slovenia. I have espoused the virtues and terroir driven reds from the land of the Sound of Music, primarily the Blaufrankisch wines, for well over a year. Farther south is the little credited regions in Slovenia. Most people don’t realize is that these ex-Eastern Bloc countries were very much the birthplace of Western civilization’s wine production. Slovenia in particular had a very interesting history as a chunk of it’s wine-producing region was part of Italy until WWI then was ultimately severed from the West by Communism and the creation of Czechslavakia.

Now this Slovenia is storming Europe’s market as a new power with classic as well as native wines. Saturday Sarah will pour the Pullus Sauvignon (Blanc) from Slovenia and the Austria’s Tinhof Bionoir (formerly Blau+Red), a Blaufrankisch and Pinot Noir blend!
And there will be more!

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