Saturday Wine Tasting


Slovenia’s Pullus: A Whole New Frontier for Wine!


Peabody’s Wine & Beer Merchants
DATE: Saturday, August 17th, 2013
TIME: 12-5PM
LOCATION: Peabody’s

MORE: Our favorite Sour Grape, Sarah Wyle comes bearing treats from the lesser known wine regions of Europe: Austria and Slovenia. I have espoused the virtues and terroir driven reds from the land of the Sound of Music, primarily the Blaufrankisch wines, for well over a year. Farther south is the little credited regions in Slovenia. Most people don’t realize is that these ex-Eastern Bloc countries were very much the birthplace of Western civilization’s wine production. Slovenia in particular had a very interesting history as a chunk of it’s wine-producing region was part of Italy until WWI then was ultimately severed from the West by Communism and the creation of Czechslavakia.

Now this Slovenia is storming Europe’s market as a new power with classic as well as native wines. Saturday Sarah will pour the Pullus Sauvignon (Blanc) from Slovenia and the Austria’s Tinhof Bionoir (formerly Blau+Red), a Blaufrankisch and Pinot Noir blend!
And there will be more!


  • November 13, 2014

    Corrections to your article:
    The wine region that you speak of that was “part of Italy until WW1” was actually part of Austria untill WW1. It was then part of Italy until after WW2. It then became part of Yugoslavia (not Czechoslovakia) until 1991.

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