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The Beer Collector’s Corner

For all of us Beer Geeks, collecting is a passion (and an addiction!).  We at Peabody’s understand this, and so we stock your favorite goodies for now…and later. We thought it was about time to let you guys in on the little secrets that are hidden away for your holiday enjoyment. Here’s a little peek at what is available for a VERY limited time, right now….so hurry…..your cellar is calling…it says “load me up”!

The Collection:

Olde Hickory Event Horizon
Imperial Barrel Aged Stout
THE Seasonal from one of the Best Breweries in NC.  This beer without a doubt is one of the most famous in the state and ages with the absolute best of them. Huge Chocolate notes, coffee, and very well integrated Barrel Notes.  Highly collectible and extremely rare, this one does not sit around!

Peabody’s Blendiculous #2
Children of the Blue Corn
The Blendiculous line of Beers is a highly rated, Collector’s Dream Brew!  The Series jumps from “homerun” brewery to “homerun” brewery, and focuses on making one-offs that inspire.  The second brew in the series is an Imperial India Brown Ale aged in Balcones Distillery Blue Corn Whiskey Barrels (aged with mission figs, turbinado sugar, and wildflower honey) and Single Malt Whiskey barrels, and then blended with some Exotic Tangerine Oils.  Yep, it is as amazing as it sounds!  This is a ONE-TIME brew and is extremely limited (120 cases produced). Super Ripe Hops, with nice soft barrel notes and a warm citrus/tangerine finish.  This will be a brilliant “ager”, the best part of the beer is the barrels and over the next year the should express themselves beautifully! Peabody’s is the only place that you can get it

Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale
The venerable winter ale, this is the brew that everyone chases.  The brew is a Nice rich brown with hazelnut, vanilla, cranberry, and a nice balanced, soft hop.  It’s gone everywhere else, and there isn’t much left here, so you better hurry.  Cold Mountain ages well for a little over a year and is a slight different recipe every year.

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist
One of the most sought after Imperial Stouts of the season, the beauty of this beer is it’s ability to change.  Chocolate, Fresh Coffee, and Barrels…need we say more!  The Baptist is an Imperial Stout lover’s dream. Every Batch is just a little bit different and is highly collectible.  Once a year this little bit of stout heaven, shows us why we fall in love with it, time and time again!  This years batch focuses more on fresh coffee, soft chocolate notes and a nice soft (almost hidden) barrel integration.  Impeccable for aging, this deliciousness will go for three to four years!

Green Man Brewery Seasonals
The Dweller, Holly King, and Schnozzberry

You want hard to get?  Here they are!  Green Man released their seasonal lineup , and they are all insanely hard to come by (so you know what that means! You better hurry!).  The Dweller is an Imperial Stout, big and rich chocolate, coffee, and warm roasted malts.  The Schnozzberry is the “rarest” of the three and is an American Sour, with soft fruit notes.  These guys make the best sours in the state know it’s amazing.  The Holly King is a Barrel Aged Winter Warmer, this is by far one of the most “dangerously” drinkable high gravity winter warmers out this year! All are perfect for aging, and will bring you “much merriment”  over the holiday season!

Goose Island
Bourbon County Brand Stout

At 14.2% ABV this stout is not only the ultimate barrel aged Imperial stout to age, but will also allow you to become very “good friends” with your couch and remote control!!  This brew is as big as it gets and with it’s brand new introduction into North Carolina three weeks ago, it is almost completely gone.  Very small case production causes this one to be quite a hard little beauty to find.  In fact it’s almost gone as you read this….It’s like a ghost, you might want to be here! 

Stone Brewing
Crime, Punishment, and Southern Charred
Stone Brewing brings the

heat (literally) with this new series of Barrel Aged monsters!  All three brews are insanely rare (20 cases of each in the state), and are different variations of some of their finest rarities blended with extra craziness and barrel aged.  Stone does not disappoint with this collectible series of experimental deliciousness.  Unlike most of Stone’s “drink now” brews these are made for the long haul.  With as small of a production as these brews were, you know they won’t last long.

Fullsteam Brewery Igor

This Barrel Aged Imperial Stout is a super rare, collectible from our buddies down in Raleigh, NC.  Chewy and delicious with huge barrel notes this Imperial Stout is made for the long haul and has been one of our favorite new surprise of 2013.  Fullsteam holds it’s own and in fact, flexes it’s muscles showing it deserves a place in the “best of” category of seasonal craziness from NC.  If you haven’t tried this brew, your palate is begging you to join the party!  Very Ageable and should have legs for at least 2-3 years.

Hi Wire / Burial Brewery Firebreather

A brilliant Collaboration between two hot newcomers in the Asheville Brewing Scene.  This smoked Belgian Strong Ale, shows off the talents of both breweries and brings their first large format bottle to the very thirsty and awaiting beer geek! An extremely complex brew that brings so many layers to the table, that it can’t help but be an age-worthy masterpiece.  You want Rare? This is about as Rare as it gets.  Super small production and distributed…no where….except here!

Mother Earth Silent Night

These guys set the standard for Barrel Aged Seasonals in NC.  The Silent Night from Mother Earth is the perfect medley of Chocolate, Coffee, intense dark malt and huge Bourbon Notes. Aging is not only recommended, but almost mandatory as this brew is the classic example of how layers are expressed over time.  Super limited and SUPER delicious, this one never sits around very long.

Terrapin Wake n’ Bake and Cinnamon Roll’d W-n-B

Yep just as good as it sounds, Terrapin throws the hammer down on coffee imperial stouts!  The fastest selling seasonals that Terrapin produces never hang out very long.  HUGE Coffee notes and oats bring this Imperial Stout to life, while taking your pre-concieved notions on drinking beer for breakfast, and throwing them out the window! The Cinnamon Roll’d version is HIGHLY Allocated and will go faster than most any other beer this year.  Aging does wonders for this brew as the coffee notes remain big and rich for year(s) to come!

Olde Hickory Lindley Park

Lindley Park is the “little sister” to the bigger barrel aged Event Horizon.  A Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with fresh Raspberries it blow the doors off your typical fruit stout.  Huge Raspberry Notes with soft Chocolate and barrel integrations makes this brew a monster in the winter time!  Aging this brew is recommended by some in order to balance the sweet/tartness of the Raspberries, but either way, with some time this brew does beautiful things!

Lagunitas Brewery Sucks

O.K. so this isn’t a cellar beer, but it most certainly is a collectible brew!  Huge and Hoppy, this brew blows out the door by the case.  It never sits around and was definitely one of the beers of the year, last season!  Huge, Huge, Huge Fresh Hops, snag it…..while ya’ can!

Pisgah Brewing Seasonals

All the craziness from the boys just over the mountain is in and ready to roll!  Vortex II and it’s variants (chocolate, barrel aged, etc.) Greybeard IPA, Valdez, Hellbender Barleywine, and more!  All collectible, all very hard to get (usually except at the brewery), and most are VERY age worthy.  Grab them while you can!

Lonerider Pistols at Dawn

The Winter Limited Release from Lonerider does not disappoint as they bring a nice rich imperial stout with fresh coffee and cocoa nibs.  It tastes like it sounds, rich coffee, and subtle chocolate notes will warm you to the bone on a cold winter evening!  Super limited and doesn’t really find it’s way to this side of the state much, this is the perfect seasonal for up in the mountains, from down in the “flatlands”!

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad

The Big Seasonal that Boulevard puts out is in and amazing!  Huge Rich Malt notes with nice soft fruit undertones, balanced bourbon and cherries….yes cherries!  This brew is priced to sell and is amazing with age on it.  This is one of our favorite brews every year and is highly sought after, grab some while you can!

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

Every Year this is the harvest ale that everyone runs for.  Hope fresh hops with nice warming piney notes and soft balanced malt.  Usually we highly discourage trying to age a brew with such fresh hops(as that is one of the best parts of the beer), however this brew is amazing with some age on it.  The hops hold up better than any other brew of it’s style and is fantastic within a year!  Sierra’s “homerun” every year!

These are just a few of the delicious collectibles in the store currently, however as all of our favorite “geeks” know we also carry a full cellar of craziness that will give anyone “saucer eyes”!  Come on by to snag all these SUPER LIMITED RELEASES, and a few other goodies for your stocking stuffers!  Get them while you can, because once they’re gone (and it will be sooner rather than later) they are GONE!  Happy Sips…


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  • May 22, 2015

    I’m interested in buying a couple bottles each of olde hickory: event horizon, Lindley park and omega point. I live in Louisiana, zip 70065. If these are available, would you provide me with an estimate? Thanks


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